You can help provide free medical help  

by donating "Eye from Zion"

Your gift today will help us change lives forever.

Bank Deposit  
You can make a one-off or set up a periodic payment from your bank account straight to ours.  
Bank Details are:
Bank: Hapoalim
Account name: Eye from Zion
Branch No. 630 Ramat Hashron, Israel. Account No. 526273


By Cheque  
Fill your cheque or money made payable to "Eye from Zion", mark it "not negotiable",  
sign it and post it along with your contact details to :  
"Eye from Zion"
4 Shibolet st. Ramat – Hasharon 47240 ISRAEL  
A voluntary organization
from Israel and the Diaspora carrying out medical humanitarian missions throughout the world