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Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power Of thine hand to do it"  (Proverbs 3 paragraph 27).

'Eye Fom Zion' is an Israel-Jewish organization whose main core of volunteers comes from Israel and abroad. The organization was established with the goal of giving a Free medical and suitable treatment answer, to weak and needy populations, who require aid and medical

treatments, by way of sending medical delegations of experienced professionals, advanced equipment, specialist doctors, operating room nurses and experts in the paramedical field to those areas where they are needed..

The delegation of doctors and nurses from 'Eye From Zion', together with local teams perform surgery and treatments in local hospitals and also in mole treatment units, which are able to reach the most remote places. This delegation instructs the local medical teams in modern medical techniques, and provides in the form of a donation medicines and equipment, which will enable the local medical teams to continue to function independently.

The medical delegation of the 'Eye From Zion" organization gives medical aid and at the same time transfers the message of mutual humanitarian aid in the spirit of the values of the State of Israel and the Jewish Heritage.
A voluntary organization
from Israel and the Diaspora carrying out medical humanitarian missions throughout the world