About us

Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power Of thine hand to do it"  (Proverbs 3 paragraph 27).

Eye from Zion was established in 2007 by Israeli businessman Nati Marcus, since then, volunteers from all over the world have joined the organization. They all contribute their time, talent, efforts and money to promote the humanitarian values and actions embodied in Eye from Zion.

The organization goals are:
To give free medical assistance to whoever needs it by sending medical teams and equipment anywhere they are needed on earth.
To provide instruction and guidance to medical teams in developing countries.
To be ambassadors of good will for the state of Israel and the Jewish people.
To promote the DOC4DOC initiative, that will bring modern medicine to developing countries by creating a professional platform for doctors from all around the world.
Eye from Zion will always be there for those in need - to give the best medical aid, and at the same time, deliver a message of mutual humanitarian aid in the spirit and values of the State of Israel and of the Jewish Heritage.

A voluntary organization
from Israel and the Diaspora carrying out medical humanitarian missions throughout the world